The previous chapter presented a review of the literature relevant to the research problem. This chapter outlines the research methodology employed in this research project and discusses the underlying philosophical research paradigms. The chapter initially reviews the history of the philosophy of science, exploring the goals of science, and discussing theories, models, and causality. Next, two traditional approaches to acquiring new knowledge, rationalism and empiricism, are discussed. The chapter goes on to review four different “logics of discovery”, including, inductivism, conventionalism, Popper's methodological falsificationism (including a discussion on hypothesis rejection), and the methodology of scientific research programmes. Also, the concept of scientific paradigms is explained in detail. The qualitative interpretive approach adopted in this research project is justified and the research design, comprising of three stages, is explained. The first stage (the exploratory phase) involves the literature review, and exploratory case studies.


Research Methodology Theory Building Case Study Research Delphi Study Constant Comparative Method 
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