IT-Security Beyond Borders — an Assessment of Trust Levels Across Europe

  • Christian Wernberg-Tougaard


The world is changing — faster and faster. Every now and then we realize that if we had planned, if we had envisioned the transformation of the society’s use of technology, we would have been much more prepared for fighting IT-security threats and challenges.

At the same time several indicators point at disrust to digital service among both citizens and companies. The studies cited in the paper indicate that society needs to raise the awareness — not only of IT-security — but of the culture associated with being citizens and companies in the digitized service society — otherwise we might risk a new generation of people who suffer from techno-fear.

This paper discusses two subjects: (1) the outcome of an expert group appointed by the Danish Board of Technology on behalf of the Danish Parliament to examine future IT-security threats and challenges that needed international action to prevent damage to Denmark. This section will inherently be biased toward telling the Danish case, although its applicability is far wider internationally. The outcome has been presented to a parliamentary committee which together with Government will focus on the long term pan-European actions that need to be done/coordinated in order to avoid damaging IT-security threats in the future. (2) the current level of trust as evidenced by the “wheel of distrust” (the mechanism creating greater and greater uncertainty and disbelief of the digital services — something that will be pivotal to overcome for the growth of countries) and research.

The paper concludes with recommendations for the joint actions that the European Commission (EC) and the Member States need to take in order to preserve the advanced digital community that we are on the edge of realizing.


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