Security Evaluation and Testing — Past, Present and Future

  • Peter Fischer


IT Security Evaluation started with the US DoD Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria — commonly known as ‘The Orange Book’ — in 1983. This was the original and seminal work in this field. Even though it was based on research conducted in the late 1970s (The Bell-Lapadula Model), it remained the predominant standard for some 10 years until overtaken by the European IT Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC). The need for a common international standard drove the development of the Common Criteria, which has now been the predominant standard for 10 years.

CC has never penetrated the non-Defence marketplace and, with the growing interest in Information Security in relation to corporate governance, there is an increasing need for independent commercial assurance. In the UK this gap has been filled by the CSIA Claims Tested (CCT) Mark.

In the future it is expected that the trend will be towards holistic, through-life assurance, rather than a specific concentration on product evaluation, possibly in line with the evolving UK Assurance model.


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