Large Scale Fingerprint Applications: Which Technology Should be Used?

  • Andreas M. Wolf


This paper wants to support parties deploying large scale fingerprint based systems. Several issues on how to select the technology that is the appropriate one for their needs are discussed and recommendations are given; with special emphasis to the application of standards to ensure “global” interoperability.

What technology is available today? What can be used for large scale projects? What is necessary for different parts of these projects?

In real world applications, especially in cost intensive applications with a long life span, what ID applications tend to be, the application requirements should determine the technology to be used. What technology is available to address the needs of all these applications and programs? Which requirements should be fulfilled? Which standards should be applied? Which standards exist at all? Are there experiences in the filed that could and should be reused? This paper gives an overview on existing fingerprint standards and characterizes existing large scale projects which include biometric fingerprint subsystems.


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