Second Wave of Biometric ID-documents in Europe: The Residence Permit for non-EU/EEA Nationals

  • Detlef Houdeau


The first implementation of biometric documents, called biometric passports, based on a regulation is running, the second implementation since end of CY 2008 is coming to Europe. The focus is on persons staying for business, study or leisure for more than 3 months in Europe and coming from a state outside Europe and not being a member of the Visa-Waiver-Program of the EU. This second wave increases the demand for the security industry for certified security microcontroller chips, secure smart cards, readers and supporting infrastructure on top of the biometric Passport business. It underlines the continuing advance of contactless identification technology in the public sector. The article gives an overview on the application, the technology, the EU regulation, the EU roadmap and the implementations.


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