A Structured Approach to Software Security

  • Ton van Opstal


Security is an important aspect of software that needs to be considered during the entire System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). A structured and practical approach to handle Software Security is proposed by defining the con-cept of Security Architecture and by using this Security Architecture as key concept to relate all security activities that need to be performed as defined by the SDLC. The Security Architecture itself is described using a structured definition format, called the Extensible Security Architecture Description Format (XSADF). XSADF can be used as input format for tools that can assess the security aspects of a system under development.

To support the work on a Security Architecture, a Security Architecture Framework is proposed. Software Architects can use this framework as a template to define the Security Architecture for the system they are developing.

The structured approach using XSADF, with a central place for Security Architecture, is a step to achieve „security by design“.


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