ETSI Specifications for Registered E-Mail REM

  • Franco Ruggieri


ETSI TS 102 640 – basis for actual REM interoperability

Trustable e-mail, suitable to provide users with at least reliability similar to that of the physical registered mail, is an actual need within Europe as well as outside. This is confirmed by the number of existing or under development systems aiming to meet this need. All these systems address only their own country, so, even if some of them can technically exchange messages outside their own domains, being they based on standard protocols, there is no mechanism in place providing senders and recipients of different countries with evidence on the transmission of one e-mail, not to mention content, trustable enough to stand even in court.

Technical Specification ETSI TS 102 640 for interoperable Registered E-Mail systems that has been issued by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute - ETSI in August 2008, based on a previous broad survey outcomes, is suitable to provide not only technical interoperability, but even, where applicable, the basis for legal validity. By 2009 end a further refinement, fine tuned with the support of a number of organizations running or implementing systems of this kind, will also be available. This ETSI TS 102 640 has been drafted by the STF 3182 to whose members is addressed the Acknowledgement in Clause 5.

The next achievement will be, in the 2010 - 2011 timeframe, the development of an interoperability test bed and of a mechanism to enable systems based on different protocols, such as SMTP and SOAP, to interact.


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