The Mobile Paradigm for Content Development

  • Chris Bennewith
  • Richard Wickers


This paper looks at the lack of engaging content currently being produced by content developers for mobile devices and some of the reasons behind this phenomenon. It questions the relevance of professional content developers when the most entertaining and useful content to be found on mobiles presently is produced and shared by the users themselves and not commercial organisations. It will examine the fundamental problems underlying this lack of professionally developed content and reflect on lessons from past developments in media that may help to hypothesise about the future development of mobile content and consequently a paradigm for content development.

The paper links together research from the areas of HCI, the social sciences, general media discourse and the quantitative analysis of data based on the usage of mobile phones. Through the researching and writing of this paper the enormity of this subject became apparent and has been impossible to deal with in any detail within the confines of this paper. Consequently many of the areas discussed are open to far more substantial analysis and discussion and are by no means fully resolved investigations.


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