Mobile Game Based Learning: Designing a Mobile Location Based Game

  • Sandra Schadenbauer


Today’s students grow up with rapidly changing technology. They spend much of their spare time using computer games, mobile phones and other toys and tools of the digital age. These things are part of their lives. Now it’s time to redesign the educational system and to adjust it to today’s technological opportunities. The current system is out of date. It isn’t able to arouse interest in students. With new technology, schools are able to rebuild their educational system and to spark the student’s interest in learning and further education. Passive and disinterested children will be a thing of the past.

The progress of technology should cause an improvement of the education. Games and other popular technologies, like mobile phones, are able to support the learning process in schools.

A mobile learning game was developed to exemplify the connection between games, mobility and learning. The game is a modern paper chase, which is played with mobile phones and GPS. Such games are called “geocaching”. Players are pressed for time and receive site-directed information and have to solve exercises.


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