Security Requirements for One Stop Government

  • Georg E. Schäfer


The highest ranking e-government solutions are based on one-window, one-click or one stop government concepts. For Europe, the EU services directive sets new requirements for e-government, that have to be met till December 2009. Simple, easy to understand and complete information is one requirement. The other requirements are, that the services covered by this directive shall be available electronically and at a distance (which means mostly “by Internet”). Acceptable solutions are digitally signed mails and, as an alternative or supplement, transaction oriented online services. To implement this, a one stop government with document safe is best practice.

Three more architectures are needed for up-to-date and complete e-Government: One is the Internal Market Information System, another is the Job Card architecture (or “Electronic Income Certificate”) [1] and last but not least the model of S.A.F.E (Secure Access to Federated E-Justice / E-Government) for trusted domains.

These architectures require eCard or eID solutions and e-documents. [2] The powerful e-government architectures available today will be of no practical use if citizen and enterprises do not understand and trust in the basic underlying technologies. Pan-European solutions and conformity are the objective of the the European pilot project on eCards, where Germany participates among others with the eCard API of the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik and the public service portal www.servicebe. de of Baden-Württemberg.


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