A Trust Label for Secure and Compliant e-ID Applications: The Belgian Experience

  • Geert Somers
  • Jos Dumortier


After a successful introduction and roll-out of the electronic identity card (e-ID) in Belgium, both private companies and governmental institutions show a pronounced interest in e-ID applications for authentication and transaction purposes. Both functions are incorporated in the Belgian c-ID card. Some first experiences exist but actual implementation of e-ID applications is still lacking behind. There appears to be a need to boost market confidence and consumer trust in the possibilities of c-ID applications for e-business and e-government.

Consumers are mainly concerned about what will happen to their personal data or fear abuse of the digital signature when using their card. Independent third parties can help countering such concerns and actually gaining consumer trust through the issuance of a trust label based on a professional standard. The recently founded Digital Identity Standards (DIS) Institute ( developed such a standard and label to provide consumers with assurance about the security and trust level of eID applications. Clear guidelines also contribute to better quality management and common understanding of the technical, legal, design and policy aspects c-ID applications by the application owners. This paper will mainly highlight the legal aspects and the impact and value of the secure c-ID label.


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  • Geert Somers
  • Jos Dumortier

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