Dimensioning for Single ATM-Based Iub


This chapter presents the methodologies for dimensioning a single Iub link in the UMTS Rel99 of an ATM-based UTRAN, with both simulation and analytical approaches. Novel analytical models are proposed in this chapter, which allow the dimensioning of a single Iub link for various traffic types and different QoS requirements. The traffic considered in this thesis is classified essentially into two main categories: circuit-switched traffic and elastic traffic (see Chapter 1.4). For these two traffic classes, section 6.2 and section 6.3 present two individual analytical dimensioning models at flow or connection level for their respective user-relevant QoS. Section 6.4 proposes analytical models for dimensioning the Iub link at network level to guarantee the relevant transport network QoS. The validity of the proposed analytical models is demonstrated by means of extensive simulations. Section 6.5 summarizes the main investigations of dimensioning for the ATM-based HSPA networks.


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