This chapter is dedicated to the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) which is used as Navier-Stokes solver in the present work. In section 5.1, an introduction to the LBM is given. The employed LBGK algorithm, a special case of the LBM, is discussed in section 5.2. Initial and boundary conditions in general (section 5.3) and the bounce-back boundary condition in particular (section 5.4) are discussed. Section 5.5 deals with the choice of simulation parameters. Due to its technical character, the Chapman-Enskog analysis linking the mesoscopic LBGK and the macroscopic hydrodynamics is presented in appx. B.1, rather than in this chapter. A benchmark test for the LBM and its velocity and stress convergence is presented in appx. B.1.4.


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