Ceramic/Ceramic Total Hip Replacement: The American Experience with Stryker Implants

  • B. E. Bierbaum
  • J. D’Antonio
  • W. Capello
  • M. Manley
  • R. Deshmukh
Part of the Ceramics in Orthopaedics book series (CIO)


A major challenge for total hip arthroplasty is to minimize wear and osteolysis in young, active patients. Alumina ceramic bearings have shown superior wear resistance and lubrication and do not carry the risk of ion release. In a prospective randomized study (ABC), 514 hips were implanted. All patients (average age, 53 years) received the same press-fit hydroxyapatite coated femoral stem; two thirds (345 hips) received alumina ceramic bearings, and one third (169 hips) received a cobalt-chrome-on-polyethylene bearing. A fourth arm (Trident) was included involving use of a metal-backed acetabular component implanted in 209 patients. At a mean follow-up of 35.2 months (range, 24–48 months), there was no significant difference in clinical performance between the patient cohorts. The cohort of patients included in the ABC, Trident, and extended access portion of the study represents a population of 2313 patients with no device related failures attributable to the ceramic on ceramic articulation used in these patients. This new experience involves the use of improved ceramic materials and new design considerations that eliminate the risks and complications of past experiences with ceramic implants and provides a safe bearing option for young patients.


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  • J. D’Antonio
  • W. Capello
  • M. Manley
  • R. Deshmukh

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