Melanocytic Hyperplasia

  • Guido Massi
  • Philip E. Leboit


Melanocytic hyperplasia (or epidermal melanocytosis) consists in an increased number of melanocytes along the epidermal basal layer. Melanocytes are also more evident for their large size, large nucleus and prominent cytoplasm. The most common form is also called actinic melanocytic hyperplasia or actinic melanocytosis (Sagebiel) since this entity is sun (or UV light) exposure related. In order to underline the cytologic atypia of the melanocytes the term atypical melanocytic hyperplasia has also been suggested, but this term is more frequently used as a description of early melanoma in situ. Ackerman describes this group of lesions as melanocytic proliferation on severely sun damaged skin.


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