Cardiac tumors and masses

  • Ingo Paetsch


One of the main applications of cardiovascular MR imaging is the characterization of intra- and paracardiac masses with regard to localization, extent and tissue differentiation. Both the high spatial resolution and the high contrast between flowing blood and other cardiovascular structures, inherent to the MR imaging method, help to provide extensive information on the involvement of the heart’s cavities, vascular walls and surrounding organs. The large field of view allows valuable information to be obtained on extra- and paracardiac anatomical relations of the tumor. This is relevant to therapy planning, e.g., surgical interventions. The majority of soft tissue tumors demonstrate shorter relaxation times than fluids, leading to an intermediate Tl signal intensity and a relatively strong T2 signal [22]. Using different sequences and prepulses (e.g., fat saturation prepulse), one is able to gain additional information regarding tissue composition of the mass.


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