Sorin pericardial valves

Operative technique and early results of biological valves
  • Sven Beholz
  • S. Meyer
  • N. von Wasielewski
  • Wolfgang F. Konertz


Porcine stentless valves have proven excellent long-term results in aortic valve replacement [8] with improved left ventricular reverse remodeling as compared to stented biological valves [21]. The Sorin Pericarbon Freedom™ stentless valve (Sorin Group, Saluggia, Italy) is a truly stentless valve formed from two sheets of bovine pericardium (Fig. 1) which has been available since 1994 [20]. To overcome the adverse effects of glutaral-dehyde as used in most bioprostheses on freedom from structural valve deterioration and reoperation, the pericardium is treated by homocystic acid which has proven to reduce mineralization in vitro and in vivo [19]. The valve is designed for subcoronary implantation [3, 22] using interrupted or continuous suture techniques at the inflow side without differences in early postoperative hemodynamics [2]. As a further improvement of the already excellent hemodynamics of the valve even as compared to other pericardial stentless valves [11], in 2004 a modification of the Sorin Pericarbon Freedom™ stentless valve was introduced. The Freedom™ Solo stentless valve (Fig. 2) (Sorin Group, Saluggia, Italy) uses the same pericardial material but is designed for supraannular implantation [1, 17] using one single running suture line in the sinuses of valsalva.
Fig. 1

Sorin Pericarbon Freedom™ stentless valve

Fig. 2

Freedom™ Solo stentless valve


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