Using BioGlue to achieve hemostasis in aortic root surgery

  • Scott A. LeMaire
  • J. S. Coselli


Aortic root operations involve the creation of fragile suture lines that become difficult to access once the repair is complete. Furthermore, these procedures involve working with aortic tissue that is extremely fragile, especially in patients with acute aortic dissection or connective tissue disorders. Consequently, securing hemostasis during these operations remains a significant challenge. In a multicenter study of 151 patients with Marfan syndrome who underwent aortic root replacement, 9% of patients required mediastinal reexploration to treat bleeding [34]. In another recent report, the incidence of bleeding requiring reoperation was 12.9% in a series of 132 patients who underwent root replacement with porcine aortic root xenografts [25].


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