Robotic mitral valve surgery

  • E. Rodriguez
  • W.R. ChitwoodJr.


The first robotic mitral valve repair was performed in May 1998 by Dr. Carpentier using an early prototype of the da Vinci® articulated intracardiac »wrist« robotic device. A week later, Dr. Mohr performed the first coronary anastomosis and repaired five mitral valves with the device. Grossi et al. of New York University partially repaired a mitral valve using the Zeus™ system (Computer Motion, Inc.) but no annuloplasty ring was inserted. Four days later, in May 2000, our group performed the first complete da Vinci® mitral repair in North America. Subsequently, we performed 20 other mitral repairs as part of a phase I safety and efficacy Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trial. These initial results were encouraging and prompted a phase II multicenter FDA trial that was completed in 2002. A total of 112 patients were enrolled at 10 different institutions and all types of repair were performed. The excellent results of these studies prompted FDA approval of the da Vinci® system for mitral valve (MV) surgery in November 2002. Just 8 years later, robotic assisted MV repair surgery became standard at many centers across the world with excellent results. All types of repairs, including complex bileaflet repairs, are currently performed routinely using only ports and a 2- to 4-cm mini-incision. Still further technological developments will eventually lead to better total endoscopic mitral valve repairs. To this end, we are on the cusp of developing a closed-chest operation that can be reproduced by many surgeons.


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