Pathologic fractures and osteolyses at the femur

  • S. Uppenbrink
  • K. -K. Dittel


The application of the angle-adaptable Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS) within framework of compound osteosynthesis will be presented in this chapter. In case of metastatic formations or in case of pathologic fractures in the prevalence of osteoporosis of the long tubular bone conventional osteosyntheses frequently offer an insufficient degree of exercise stability and weight bearing stability. The most frequent causes of these fractures are metastases of non-osseous tumours, osteoporosis and much less commonly primary bone tumours.


Pathologic Fracture Fracture Fixation Primary Bone Tumour Exercise Stability Femur Resection 
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  • S. Uppenbrink
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  • K. -K. Dittel
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  1. 1.Clinic of Orthopaedic Surgery, Traumatology and Reconstructive Surgery Marienhospital StuttgartAcademic Hospital of the University of Tübingen, GermanyStuttgart
  2. 2.Stuttgart

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