Application of the Dynamic Martin Screw (DMS) in the intertrochanteric osteotomy

  • W. Miller
  • K.- K. Dittel


The basic conditions for a functioning and permanent use of the hip joint are based on a normal joint anatomy and physiological functional parameters of load capacity. The pathophysiology of defective positions in the hip joint area therefore has to be regarded pre-operatively at first under the aspect of the objective value of morbidity. This can be seen on the one hand because of pain and functional disablement, on the other side out of aesthetic causes from the sight of the patient. Missing possibility of compensation being endangered by an arthrosis either of posttraumatic or degenerative causes manifest an actual and therefore at the same time prospective sign of morbidity. Any osteotomy which has the aim to create an embettering of an actual situation only makes sense when it is guaranteed that the unphysiological loads can be abolished. The correction of pathological joint overloading can involve the indication either by prophylactic as well as by therapeutic reasons.


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  • W. Miller
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  • K.- K. Dittel
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  2. 2.Clinic of Orthopaedic Surgery, Traumatology and Reconstructive Surgery Marienhospital StuttgartAcademic Hospital of the University of Tübingen, GermanyStuttgart

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