Why use an all Ceramic Tripolar THR ? — clinical and experimental data

  • Jean-Yves Lazennec
  • H. Sari Ali
  • M. Gorin
  • B. Roger
  • A. Baudoin
  • A. Rangel
Conference paper
Part of the Ceramics in Orthopaedics book series (CIO)


A tripolar all ceramic joint is an emerging technology that reduces the risk of dislocation and subluxation in T.H.R. Muscular insufficiency, caricatural lower limbs discrepancies or neurological problems are classical causes for T.H.P. dislocations or subluxations [10,11]. Instability may also be linked to 2 specific mechanisms, lever-out (with impingement) and shear-out (without impingement).


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  • Jean-Yves Lazennec
    • 1
  • H. Sari Ali
  • M. Gorin
  • B. Roger
  • A. Baudoin
  • A. Rangel
  1. 1.Pavillon Gaston CordierGroupe Hospitalier La Pitié SalpetrièreParisFrance

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