The Esophagus

Diagnostic Methods of Examination
  • Gerrit Krupski-Berdien
  • Volkmar Nicolas


To judge the anatomy, the function, as well as pathologic findings in the esophagus, contrast esophagographies are needed. Applied contrast media are the barium swallow and water soluble contrast media. For the diagnostic routine examination, viscous barium suspensions are required in order to judge motor disorders, the mucous membrane, and lateral boundaries. If perforation, rupture or postoperative suture dehiscence is suspected, water soluble contrast media or contrast media used in bronchography should be taken. These contrast media should also be used in case of suspected esophago-tracheal fistula and where risk of aspiration is present. The double contrast of the esophagus can be improved by mixing the usual contrast medium with gas, or if necessary with intravenous application of anticholinergic substances.


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