Double outlet right ventricle


Double outlet right ventricle defines a heterogeneous group of cardiac malformations unified by an abnormal ventriculoarterial connection. General agreement about the definition of double outlet right ventricle is when both great arteries, or one great artery and more than half of the other originates from the right ventricle. However, as clearly demonstrated with noninvasive investigations, this definition could be misleading due to the fact that the ventriculoarterial connections, lying on different planes, could be visualized in different ways, leading to different results, depending upon the orientation plan of the examination, independent of whether echocardiography, CT scan or MRI is used (Fig. 3.25.2). According to Yves Lecompte, the classification and terminology of this complex group of patients with anomalous ventriculoarterial connection is less important than the precise pre-operative definition of the anatomic criteria useful to determine the best surgical approach.


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