Neck Modularity and CE/CE systems

  • P. Gaffurini
  • S. Bertoglio
Conference paper
Part of the Ceramics in Orthopaedics book series (CIO)


First results are very encouraging. We absolutely need more time of follow up to give clear results.

The new modular stem of the Modulus® prosthesis (LIMA Lto) combined the advantage of a good primary stability with a modular implant system. It allows us to reconstruct accurately hip anatomy by the modular extramedullary part of the system. Preoperative planning (center of rotation, forces etc. ) gives us the ideal positioning of the stem, the extramedullary part and the acetabulum. The combination CE-CE with the head diameter 36 shows in first results better stability and ROM.

The future will show if we are right. We will go on analysing our results improving anatomical reconstruction of the hip by the modular system. The positioning of the stem in a CE-CE system is essential to prevent growth of débris and aseptic lossening.


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  • P. Gaffurini
  • S. Bertoglio

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