All ceramic tripolar Total Hip Arthroplasty: experimental data and clinical results

  • J. -Y. Lazennec
  • H. Sari Ali
  • M. A. Rousseau
  • S. Hansen
Conference paper
Part of the Ceramics in Orthopaedics book series (CIO)


The use of the 3D▲ tripolar joint seems an interesting alternative to optimize T.H.A function, as, in some cases, no ideal solution can be found for acetabular implantation. The “self adaptation” of the intermediate cup can be demonstrated: the additional outer-bearing surface motion creates a second “adjustable acetabulum”. The efficiency against dislocation and microseparation can be explained geometrically and experimentally.

The tripolar bearing with the mobile ceramic head show very high resistance to wear and stripe wear.

To date, functionnal and radiological results confirm the preclinical studies.


Acetabular Component Rotation Center Intermediate Component Ball Head Steady State Wear Rate 
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  • J. -Y. Lazennec
  • H. Sari Ali
  • M. A. Rousseau
  • S. Hansen

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