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As mentioned, this dissertation is divided into five parts. Following this introductory Part I, Part II presents an overview of the regulatory framework for the German bus industry. The implications of the legal framework for the economic setting are analyzed and the prospects and challenges discussed, followed by a case study of different institutional models within this framework and an overview of international alternatives to competitive tendering. Part III evaluates competition for non-commercial services, first analyzing important aspects of the regulatory framework for this market segment, followed by investigating the effects of competition and the key factors affecting the development of this market from the public transport authority perspective. Part IV focuses on the competition for commercial services. Here, the regulatory framework and the market development of this segment are analyzed in detail to evaluate whether or not the current legal setting succeeds in promoting competitive development. Part V concludes and makes policy recommendations for adjusting the existing German framework. The abstracts of the essays of Part II to Part V are presented below.


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