Smart Companies, Smart Regions—The Innovation Challenge for Regional Business

  • Rowan Gilmore


This chapter explores the drivers and barriers for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) from the perspective of a past CEO who previously led the Australian Institute of for Commercialisation and now leads a high technology manufacturer. The paper examines the critical importance of leadership and collaboration for innovation; as well as the importance of regional Australia in seeking ‘radical’ innovation. Case study examples of the Australian wine industry and eco-innovation for renewable energy solutions are provided to demonstrate the potential advantages for innovation in regions.


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Excerpts of this chapter have been drawn upon the author’s previous work in Chap. 15 ‘The Innovation Challenge for Australian Businesses’, in the book Measured Success, Innovation Management in Australia edited by Peter Cebon and published by MUP Academic Monographs in 2008. The commentary also reflects the author’s opinions, text and data reported in periodicals including Anthill,, ScienceAlert and Fast Thinking, during the author’s term of engagement as the Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Institute of Commercialisation.


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