A Case Study of Katanning: Innovation for Cultural Dividend

  • Simon Lyas
  • Jessica van der Waag
  • Russell Pritchard
  • Carl Beck


This chapter presents a brief examination of Katanning, a small regional town in Western Australia, where immigration has been principally ‘demand-pull’. Katanning is a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) community where successful long-term migrant settlement has been achieved through the advantage of offering an extremely welcoming and liveable regional lifestyle. A number of innovative, ad-hoc interventions have been deployed in Katanning in order to maintain the steady flow of skilled migrants to the region. This has been crucial in enabling the multicultural migrant group to be a key factor in addressing structural workforce decline in this area of inland Australia. The cohort is also responsible to culturally enrichment of Katanning itself. The analysis in this chapter is focused on describing roles of industry, community and all levels of government (local, state and Australian agencies) in engaging people from CaLD backgrounds, in order to achieve innovative community development. In turn, this allows Katanning to help deliver on national sustainable population growth, with the Shire having already been identified as a target for long-term planning growth.


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  • Jessica van der Waag
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  • Russell Pritchard
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  • Carl Beck
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  1. 1.Regional Development Australia (RDA) Great SouthernAlbanyAustralia
  2. 2.Great Southern Development CommissionKatanningAustralia
  3. 3.Shire of KatanningKatanningAustralia

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