Models of Network Structure and the Network Perspective

  • Hans-Joachim Schramm
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One of the first explicit definitions of networks in the social sciences can be found in Moreno (1934), summing up his results of a structural analysis of groups: “We have found that these [psychological] currents which break group lines, and even community lines, are not lawless. They are related to more or less permanent structures which bind individuals together into complex lines of transportation and communication, large networks.” (Moreno (1934), (1953, p. 441)). According to Casti (1995, 5), all kinds of networks “[...] have in common a set of objects [...] tied together in a connective structure by links [...]. What this adds up to is that we can abstractly regard a network as nothing more (or less) than a system: \(\mathrm{network} =\mathrm{ objects} +\mathrm{ connections} =\mathrm{ system}\).”


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