Legal and Functional Perspective of Freight Forwarding in Multimodal Transport Chains

  • Hans-Joachim Schramm
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Following authors like Palmhofer (1944, p. 8–9), Ullmann (1950, p. 18), Murr (1979, p. 1), Matthäi (1979, p. 4), Seiler (1981, p. 33) or Gass (1991, p. 15), freight forwarding as a special business can be traced to the Medieval Age. Up to this time, a merchant principally transported cargo overland by own means or vessels chartered directly from their owners. Of course, since the times of the Roman Empire, usually merchandise cargo in transit was always accompanied by some agent who was obliged to take care for the shipment and to act on behalf of the owning merchant, but such transport operations can be considered merely as being done on own account.


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