Moving to the Innovation Frontier: Lessons from the OECD Review of Korean Innovation Policy

  • Michael Keenan


During 2007–2008, the OECD carried out a review of Korea’s innovation policy (OECD 2009), offering a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system with a special focus on the role of government. The Korean review is one of a series of national innovation policy reviews being carried out by the OECD1 and was intended to assess government policy in the area of science, technology and innovation (STI). The review paid particular attention to the science base, but also covered the wider innovation system, including the activities of firms and the ‘framework conditions’ conducive to supporting their innovation performance.


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This chapter is based upon the report OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Korea, to which there were many contributors. The author would like to acknowledge the inputs of OECD colleagues, namely Jean Guinet, Gernot Hutschenreiter, Dong-Hoon Oh and Tae-Seog Oh. The Review also benefited greatly from a background report prepared by a team of Korean experts and edited by Kong-Rae Lee of the Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI) in Seoul. The team’s experts included Tae-Kyung Sung (Jeonju University), Woo-Sung Lee (STEPI), Sang-Won Ko (Korea Information Society Development Institute) and Jung-Tae Hwang (STEPI). Last, but by no means least, Ron Johnston (University of Sydney) played an important role in drafting certain sections of the Review. As for the form and content of the present chapter, the usual disclaimer applies.


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