Survey I

  • Carsten Schröder
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Questionnaire V I was applied in two empirical studies that took place in Germany in 1999 and in the Greek part of Cyprus in 2000. Altogether, about 300 respondents participated in the two surveys.1 The main aims of these two surveys are threefold. The first aim is to test the IB/ESE assumption. We want to answer the question whether our interviewees’ answers lead to equivalence scales that are income dependent or not. Secondly, we want to test the validity of our results and the reliability of our method by examining the following two questions. Firstly, do subjective biases dominate or generate the findings? Secondly, is the use of hypothetical households in our questionnaires error-generating? The third aim is to collect data of two rather different countries to analyse whether our methodology derives similar results.


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