Trade and Competition in the WTO: New Issues for Ukraine

  • Peter Holmes


In this note we discuss the interface between trade policy and competition policy as it affects existing and prospective members of the WTO and trading partners of the ED. Competition policy is taken here to refer to what in the US is called antitrust, i.e. the control of private anti-competitive behaviour and the control of mergers. We argue that it is not a new issue. For the Ukraine this interface is already addressed in its trade agreement with the EU, and it is implicit in certain articles of the WTO that Ukraine will have to respect if it is a WTO member. The paper concludes that the forthcoming trade and competition policy should not pose major problems for a country such as the Ukraine that has already negotiated quite a firm agreement with the EU on these matters.


Competition Policy Competition Authority Dominant Firm Voluntary Export Restraint International Cartel 
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