Empirical Results

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In this chapter, we will test the proposed model and the developed hypotheses of chapter 3. We will begin to control if the questions that form the basis for the constructs can be summarized into specific factors. After having presented the seven dimensions, we continue with the multi-trait multi-method (MTMM) analysis. For six factors it was unclear prior to the study who would be the key respondent. These factors were therefore addressed to two different hierarchical layers in the companies, the production manager and the team leader or supervisor. The MTMM analysis helps us to identify which key informant should be chosen for our dependency analysis in the end. In addition, it delivers interesting insights into the question of ‘whom to ask’. The other questions were only addressed to the production manager due to several sound reasons mentioned above. 59 Eisenhardt and Martin (2000) call these high-velocity markets in which change occurs less predictable.


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