Basel II and Changing Bank-Firm Relationship: A Survey

  • Chiara Bentivogli
  • Emidio Cocozza
  • Antonella Foglia
  • Simonetta Iannotti
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This chapter analyzes the results of a business survey on the changes in the bank-firm relationship in view of Basel II carried out in 2006. A non-negligible share of firms was aware of the possible effects of the new regulation and some of them were implementing relevant organizational changes. In general firms did not perceive any relevant change in banks’ behavior, but there was some dispersion in the answers on credit availability and conditions. A trend towards reduction in multiple bank relationships emerged, particularly among firms participating in the national survey. The local survey aimed also at evaluating the impact of bank-firm relationship on growth plans of Italian SMEs. Firms located in Emilia-Romagna showed a higher growth propensity. Among the main obstacles to growth, firms emphasize bank financial and consulting support, and managerial and organizational problems.


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We thank Enrico Beretta, Sergio Cagnazzo, Leandro D’Aurizio, Massimo Omiccioli, Antonio Giuseppe Perrelli, Anna Maria Tarantola and Sandro Trento for the useful comments, the Associations of small and medium firms (API) of the provinces of Bologna, Puglia and Basilicata for the precious cooperation in the survey organization, and in particular Paolo Mascagni, Carlo Rossini, Paolo Parlangeli, Erasmo Antro and Riccardo Figliolia. The usual disclaimer applies. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not involve the responsibility of the Bank of Italy and of API. The authors only are responsible for any mistake in this paper. A previous version of this paper has been published in the review Banca Impresa Società, 1, 2007.


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  • Chiara Bentivogli
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  • Emidio Cocozza
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  • Antonella Foglia
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  • Simonetta Iannotti
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