Descriptive and Mathematical Statistics

  • Tomas Cipra


Chapter 27 deals with basic theory and practical methods of statistical inference: 27.1. Sampling Theory: Simple Random Sample, 27.2. Sampling Theory: Stratified Random Sample, 27.3. Elementary Statistical Treatment, 27.4. Sample Quantiles, 27.5. Measures of Sample Level, 27.6. Measures of Sample Variability, 27.7. Measures of Sample Concentration, 27.8. Measures of Sample Dependence, 27.9. Point and Interval Estimators, 27.10. Hypothesis Testing, 27.11. Regression Analysis, 27.12. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), 27.13. Multivariate Statistical Analysis.


Linear Discriminant Analysis Linear Regression Model Unbiased Estimator Discriminant Class Linear Unbiased Estimate 
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