Manager's Toolbox for OSS/BSS Market Analysis

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The purpose of this section is to provide a set of quick tools for analysts and managers to analyze the status of the telecom operator software market.

The base-line scenario in Fig. 1 represents the expected evolution of the global telecom operator software market. It is based on matching the contemporary OSS/BSS market data and past events to the generic evolution model of a vertical software industry. The figure includes layers for telecom operator business and telecom operator processes at the top and a layer for technology and technology interfaces at the bottom. These three layers have an impact on the OSS/BSS software market (in the middle) and on the emergence of software vendors to these markets.

The market evolution, represented along a time-line from left to right in the figure, starts with national and regional telecom operators implementing in-house software systems and network equipment vendors implementing vendor-specific software for their systems. The key important events in the past shown in the figure include the introduction of early ITU standards, the introduction of mobile communication technology and IP technology, as well as the deregulation of telecom business.


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