Summary and Concluding Remarks

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Six archetypal employment systems have been distinguished. Each of them has been explored in depth for the HR functions that are immediately related to performance appraisal, that is, control, staffing, and development. The control, staffing, and development configurations coupled with a performance appraisal purpose have been referred to as performance management systems. These have been further explored by specifying performance dimensions and appraisal process configurations. An integration of the detail of behavioral and psychological micro approaches into the abstract macro approach of employment systems theory has, thus, been accomplished. This concluding chapter is to provide an integrative perspective on employment and performance management. In the first instance, the employment and performance management configurations are recapitulated in a summary description for each employee group. Subsequently, links between the different employment and performance management systems are emphasized, demonstrating how the different employee groups integrate into a coherent organizational system. Finally, limitations of this work, practical implications, and areas for future research are discussed.


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