Quay Crane Scheduling

  • Frank Meisel
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This chapter deals with the QCSP on the basis of container groups. It is studied as an isolated problem here and functionally integrated into the BACAP in the next chapter. Crane scheduling for container groups has been introduced by Kim and Park (2004). As noted by Moccia et al. (2006), the original QCSP model provided by Kim and Park shows an inaccuracy regarding the detection of crane interference. Unfortunately, even reworked problem formulations still tolerate certain cases of crane interference. A corrected problem formulation and a heuristic solution method have been provided by Bierwirth and Meisel (2006). The model and the heuristic are presented in Section 7.1 and Section 7.2, respectively. In Section 7.3 the QCSP is extended by incorporation of time windows for the cranes. Necessary modifications of the mathematical formulation and the solution method are described. Computational tests follow in Section 7.4. The study on the QCSP is concluded in Section 7.5.


Time Window Safety Margin Precedence Constraint Task Sequence Average Relative Error 
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