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  • Daniel O. Klier
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Shades of old conglomerates in private equity

Tony Jackson, Financial Times

The leading theme of this research contribution is the parallelism between multi-business firms and private equity firms or the “shades of old conglomerates in private equity” (Jackson, 2006). This study will therefore continuously draw on the theoretical background developed and the methodological approaches applied in the research regarding the phenomenon of diversification in multi-business firms and attempt to apply the same to the private equity universe. Based on this idea, the following section will provide the general positioning in academic literature of this study (Sect. 4.1.1 “Starting Position in Academic Literature – A synthesis” and Sect. 4.1.2“Direction of Research”) as well as the guiding principles of this research effort (Sect. 4.1.3 “Two-Tier Empirical Research Design”). The detailed research methodology for each of the two empirical parts as well as the development of hypotheses and...


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