Performance Issues in the Global Knowledge Economy: The Need for an Extended Framework for Enterprises

  • Alex Manzoni
  • Sardar M.N. Islam
Part of the Contributions to Management Science book series (MANAGEMENT SC.)


The subject of this book is the development of an extended Corporate Governance (CG) and Performance Measurement (PM) model for commercial enterprises in global knowledge economies. An Australian case study was used to design and test the model. The chapter is structured to present the background to PM in the context of international competitiveness in a global business environment. It also identifies the movement towards governance and corporate citizenship with their implications for organization behaviour (OB) and management style in enterprises that operate where supply chains have been de-territorialized. The limitations of traditional methods for measuring performance are visited to provide the motivation for a new measurement approach for the extended OBPM framework. It then lists the specific objectives of this research and the methodology that was adopted. The chapter concludes with the contribution of this study and an outline of the structure for the book.


Supply Chain Corporate Governance Organization Behaviour Corporate Citizenship Triple Bottom Line 
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