Foundations of Collaborative Value Creation

  • Hady Farag
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As (Gulati and Zajac 2000) summarize, “it is hard to think of any issue that has been the subject of greater research in the last decade than that of strategic alliances” This extensive interest is manifested in a broad range of prior research. In their meta-analytical study, identify 17 different theories which have been applied in research on strategic alliances and corporate networks.This plethora of different approaches also reflects the lack of a coherent theoretical basis. Consequently, the scope of existing research needs to be clarified before moving onto further research. More specifically, value-related alliance research can only be assessed (let alone extended), once the basic mechanisms of collaboration have been settled. With this objective in mind, the present chapter reviews existing literature on the topic and derives a set of propositions, i.e., potential mechanisms of collaborative value creation. In doing so, it addresses both alliance formation and performance as mediating constructs for the ultimate prize, collaborative value creation.


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