Innovation Effects of Regulation – Case Study for Wind Energy

Part of the Sustainability and Innovation book series (SUSTAINABILITY)

This case study starts from a systems of innovation approach and distinguishes different innovation function.1 In so far it follows the approach of Bergek and Jacobsson (2003). In addition, however, it aims at using the functions of an innovation system as a bridge to incorporate the various paradigms of the effects of environmental and natural monopoly regulation explicitly (see Fig. 8.1). It claims that in order to fill the broad framework of a system of innovation approach, it is necessary to use a heterodox approach which draws on the different paradigms used to analyse regulation so far. It is the rationale of this heterodox approach, that the paradigms from economics and policy research can be used to explain the effect of environmental and natural monopoly regulation on the functions of the innovation system, leading to a better understanding of the complex interplay between innovation and regulation.


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