Entrepreneurship Training by Action Learning in a University Context: The Case of ROXI

  • C. Diensberg
Part of the Contributions to Management Science book series (MANAGEMENT SC.)
This case illustrates the origin, implementation and Action Learning approach of the entrepreneurship support programme ROXI (acronym for ‘Rostocker Existenzgründer Initiative’). ROXI is administered by the Hanseatic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (HIE-RO) at the University of Rostock in North-East Germany. ROXI offers extracurricular, supplementary training and support opportunities for students, graduates and university staff (cf. also Braun et al. 1998). Starting out as a mere training concept, the programme expanded its activities over the years to include pre-incubating work (e.g. sensitizing, motivating, informing), and into the start-up phase (e.g. coaching, consulting). The initiative for ROXI had already taken off in 1996 at the newly established Chair for Economics and Business Education of the University. Interviewed for this case, one of the originators tells:

“Major reasons to develop ROXI were the high regional unemployment rates and low economic growth at the time. Germany’s reunification in 1990 and the transformation from a socialist central planning system into a market economy did not only bring new freedom to Eastern Germany, but also meant a collapse of a sudden, non-competitive industry. We believed that our university and our chair had potential to become active for counter-actions. And we thought that an entrepreneurship training programme could be effective as a long-term-approach for regional growth and to fight unemployment. Our role models were entrepreneurship training programmes in developing and threshold countries, rather than university programmes. When we started to promote the idea for ROXI, such activities were still uncommon within a German university. Rostock was insofar no exception, but rather the rule.”


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