The who is who of Chinese branded companies

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As the last chapter shows, there are theoretically many different options when a company goes international with respect to brand management decisions. Some of these options require certain market conditions; others require certain corporate experiences of the internationalising firm. Which of these theoretical brand options are thus appropriate for Chinese branded companies to enter developed markets? What are their corporate experiences in the domestic market? Who are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses in terms of brand management competences? Why do they want to internationalise now? Which role does the Chinese government play in this decision? Are the Chinese branded companies ready to enter developed markets? Are their actions examples for best practice?

To seek answers to the above questions, this chapter is structured in three parts. Part one aims to examine all aspects relevant to China’s domestic brand management experience, including the origin and competitive evolution of Chinese brands since 1978, China’s top brands in 2005/2006, as well China’s overall consumer and organisational behaviour towards brands. Part two investigates the experiences of Chinese branded companies with developed markets. This includes China’s close relationships to foreign multinationals in terms of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and retailing, and China’s growing outward investments and global brand aims. It also includes China’s country-of-origin, especially among German customers. The chapter closes with part three and a brief evaluation of both areas of experience.


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