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In this chapter, we review the literature that deals with the factors determining the labour market status of NESB and Australian-born women in Australia, and investigate the relationship between their labour market status, socio-economic characteristics, demographic factors and human capital variables. It also examines the literature relevant to the extent to which NESB women face discrimination in the Australian labour market.

The human capital approach and the segmented labour market approach are widely used for these types of analyses. There is a large literature along these lines in Australia and overseas. Thus, our review of literature is divided into the following major four groups: studies on participation, studies on occupational status, studies on unemployment and other aspects of labour market disadvantage. These are again divided into econometric and non-econometric works.

In this book our focus is on economic explanations of labour market status, and on human capital variables in particular. Our principal focus is on the effects of English skills and education on labour market participation, primary sector employment and unemployment. It is of course clear that a range of demographic factors is also relevant in modelling labour market status. In this chapter we introduce the reader to the breadth of the human capital literature that is relevant and for the most part report only on human capital effects. In subsequent chapters where we construct models of participation, primary sector employment and unemployment, we will also refer to demographic variables commonly used in the literature.


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