The concept of Quality Function Deployment (QFD), developed by Mizuno and Akao in the 1960s, was first presented to the public in 1983 (Kogure and Akao 1983). QFD is a structured approach to defining customer needs or wishes and translating them into specific production plans for products that will meet those needs (Crow 2002; Johnson 2003). It presupposes the capturing of explicit or unstated customer requirements, which are referred to as “voice of the customer” (Crow 2002). This “voice” is “listened to” (Johnson 2003) in various ways, e.g. empathic design, focus groups, discussions, interviews, etc., and is then summarized in a product planning matrix or “house of quality”. The QFD matrices combine customer needs — the “what” — with product requirements — the “how”- (Crow 2002; Saatweber 1997).


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