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The worldwide usage and importance of logistics outsourcing has grown dramatically over the last decades and will continue to do so. Indeed, a recent study by LANGLEY/DORT/ANG/SYKES (2005) indicates that from total logistics expenditures in 2005, 57% in Western Europe and 44% in the U.S. were directed towards logistics outsourcing. For these figures, they expect to see growth rates of 18% in Western Europe and 16% in the U.S. in the near future (2008–2010). Similarly, usage rates for logistics outsourcing services in the United States have increased from approximately 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies in the early 1990s (LIEB 1992) to approximately 80% in 2004 (LIEB/BENTZ 2004). It has also been estimated that about 40 percent of global logistics is outsourced (WONG/MAHER/NICHOLSON/GURNEY 2000). The continuing globalization of operations will only serve to reinforce this growing reliance on logistics service providers (LSPs) worldwide (ZHU/LEAN/YING 2002).


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