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In Chapter 3 Intech was selected as a suitable case for studying corporate communication discourse, whereas a more detailed definition of corporate communication discourse followed in Chapter 5.


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  1. 20.
    Other common CAQDAS seemed to be geared more towards grounded theory approaches (Diaz-Bone and Schneider 2003).Google Scholar
  2. 22.
    This is not to say that details of pronunciation are generally unimportant. Rather’ what to include and how to do so must be informed by the theoretical stance and empirical focus of the study’ (Poland 2002: 637). Conversation analysis, for example, relies on much more detailed transcripts than discourse analysis and, therefore, relies heavily on details of pronunciation.Google Scholar
  3. 23.
    It is refrained from a detailed description of each element at this point of the discussion, because most of these concepts have been applied in various constellations in discourse analysis over a long period of time and can be referred back to in standard literature (for this argument see for example Antaki, Billig et al. 2003). Nevertheless, most of the concepts are defined and referred to in Chapters 8 to 11 when it comes to the practical application of discourse analysis in the concrete case.Google Scholar
  4. 24.
    Eisenhardt (1989: 545) applies this definition of completeness to both ‘theoretical saturation’ and saturation of the iterating process of moving back and forth between data and theory.Google Scholar

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